Monday, 30 April 2012

Mission Statement

Amateur Reviews of Medical Journals is a blog that I created in response to a journal that I red on After reading articles written by physicians, and learning about their views on a variety of important and emotional topics, I felt that I could better organize my thoughts about these articles if I blogged about them. Some of my colleagues have started blogs of their own and I saw how blogging gave them the opportunity to not only express their opinions, but also receive open feedback from a variety of other people using the power of Facebook.

Although it would be amazing to receive the critiques and opinions of others, I just want "Amateur Reviews of Medical Journals" to be like a personal diary of mine. I am someone who has trouble organizing my thoughts and from time to time I would lose hold of an interesting idea and that frustrates me to no end. Hopefully, this blog will help me preserve all sorts of ideas so that maybe in the future at least one of them will help me figure out what my true passion is. The title does state a review of medical journals but I will write about many different topics, even video games, because honestly I just want to have fun with this.

Hyun Nam

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